Credits John is currently:
    - Professorial Research Fellow of the Melbourne Insitute, University of Melbourne, Australia
    - Adjunct Professor of Economics at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
    - Research Associate of the RWI Essen, Germany
    - Research Fellow of the IZA, Bonn, Germany
    - Research Professor of the DIW Berlin, Germany
Markus is currently:
    - an Economics PhD student at the University of Melbourne, Australia
    - a researcher at the Melbourne Insitute for the Australian Panel, HILDA
The History of PanelWhiz:
    - around 2000, John started writing "SOEPMENU" in Stata to handle the German SOEP, while he worked at the DIW Berlin.
    - around 2006, John rewrote "SOEPMENU" into "PanelWhiz" while he worked at the RWI Essen, to extend first to the Australian HILDA.
    - in 2011, PanelWhiz now contains more than 10 data sets.
    - PanelWhiz has been presented many times at Stata User Group Meetings in Germany and the UK.
Special Thanks to:
    - Prof. Dr. Goetz Rohwer, Uni Bochum, for being able to use his very clever TDA for my dis many years ago.

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