"PanelWhiz - Data work done on YOUR time, or in NO time! Your Choice!"

    - is a collection of Stata/SE® Add-On scripts to make using panel data sets easier.

    - is a MUST for empirically minded economists, sociologists, political scientists and demographers.

    - allows the user to select vectors of variables at once. Matching and merging is done automatically.

    - allows items to be stored as project classes (modules). Modules can be edited, and appended.

    - allows panel retrievals be be made at a click of a button. All retrievals are self-documenting.

    - allows easy data cleaning of the selected items for time consistency with PanelWhiz "plugins".

    - easily exports any Stata data to SAS®, SPSS®, LIMDEP®, GAUSS®, MS Excel®, R-Project®.

    - is "charityware". Users donate directly to UNICEF per calendar year and package:
      EUR 20 / USD 20 / GBP 10 / AUD 20, depending on country of residence.

The Use of PanelWhiz MUST be cited
    - You MUST cite AT LEAST ONE of the following papers in all resulting publications:

      (full article):
      Haisken-DeNew, John P. and Markus H. Hahn (2010)
      "PanelWhiz: Efficient Data Extraction of Complex Panel Data Sets –
      An Example Using the German SOEP",
      Journal of Applied Social Science Studies, 130(4), 643 – 654.

      (full article):
      Hahn, Markus H. and John P. Haisken-DeNew (2013)
      "PanelWhiz and the Australian Longitudinal Data Infrastructure in Economics",
      Australian Economic Review 46(3), 379-386.

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